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New Data ROI Report: Data as an Asset

Tue, Mar 14, 2023

EDM Council announces the publication of Measure, Manage, Create Value – Practical Steps for Achieving High Data ROI by Treating Data as an Asset, the second report produced by the . This downloadable report demonstrates how to isolate the overall value of data in an organization from its total unattributed intangible value. This includes variations for the special situations of data product companies and banks, and illustrates how to compute a data ROI (return on investment).

The Three-Step Framework includes:
  • Measure: Assign a specific value to your organization’s data.
  • Manage: Understand how to treat data with similar care as physical assets.
  • Create value: Establish a practice to compute the return on investment (ROI) of data initiatives.

Download Data ROI Report on Data as an Asset