Delivering more benefits for the data management profession

As the neutral, cross-industry trade association for data management and analytics, EDM Council welcomes the partnership and collaboration with a variety of organizations to benefit our members and the wider data management community.

DCAM and CDMC Authorized Partners

Our Authorized Partners support organizations in their progression towards data management and analytics maturity. They are trained and certified to perform data management assessments, ongoing engagements and expert training using the EDM Council’s best practice frameworks: DCAM (Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model) and CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities).

Certified Partners and the Data Excellence Program

Certified Partners support member firms who wish to participate in the Data Excellence Program and earn credentials. The program recognizes organizations who demonstrate ongoing commitment to continually advancing their data management program, based on the best practices defined by the DCAM framework. These Certified Partners include Founders who helped establish the program since its origination in late 2023.

More EDM Council Partners

The EDM Council is pleased to enjoy partnerships with other organizations from across the data management ecosystem. Some develop complementary solutions to the EDM Council’s DCAM and CDMC frameworks, while others offer additional value through training and events.

Industry Partners

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