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IntelligentTag Inc

Data Governance Platform

Governance is at the heart of many enterprise data programs and solutions. Management and democratization of data requires a flexible solution that:

1. Integrates in an organization's runtime ecosystem.

2. Can prototype solutions quickly, reuse, extend and has rigor to comply with organizational security standards.

3. Is not an 'all or nothing', expensive endeavor to design and deploy.

4. Highlights connections, gaps and impact across the model.

5. Does not have dependency on third-party databases, licenses or data transformations.

With today's data volumes, organizational size and need to stay competitive, a single enterprise repository faces implementation challenges ranging from siloed organization acceptance to frequent model changes.  Symmetry3 built solutions allow you to:​

1. Gain value early and often by focusing on small problem domain models and build out as knowledge and requirements change.

2. Build solutions deployed on Raspberry Pi to high-availability clustered environments.

3. Reuse and integrate with one or more Symmetry3 instances from a single user interface.

Symmetry3's bundled use of Neo4j's Enterprise graph database and Node.js ensures performance is fast and solutions scale. Symmetry3 is used in some of the most data intensive environments supporting millions of transactions per day. 


Adding attributes, entities, tables, columns, transformations, stewards, semantics is as easy as simple Excel import and/or leveraging Neo4j's world-wide community support of open source import and integration tools. Data imports can consist of metadata and as required operational data. Symmetry3's patent-pending graph definition process aligns the graph models with the domain model as data discovery and analysis continues. Symmetry3 also provides the framework to enable user security, audit, collaboration, notification, workflow, versioning, graph/model-driven search/report/chart/dashboard development across all of today's major browsers and devices.

For more information on IntelligentTag Inc, please visit www.intelligenttag.com

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