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OpenRisk Technologies LLC

Post-2008 global credit crisis created several large bullet holes in the financial markets. We believe these bullet holes can not be fixed by band-aids but deserves a fresh look at applying smart technologies to not only heal the wounds for now, but empower the market to dodge bullets in the future.

Our Story...

No doubt that the current regulatory landscape is full of foggy turns and twists that makes the journey very complex. Regulations have an unprecedented emphasis on controls around risk data aggregation, management, and reporting. Well, you can not control what you can not measure. You can not measure what you can not organize. Current entropy levels of the systems, that are used for risk management, are so high that data standardization and innovative technologies are the only answer to better risk management at a reduced cost of risk management.

Who are we...?

Three founders at OpenRisk Technologies have a combined four decades of technology and capital markets experience. We are as passionate about technology as about the capital markets and regulations shaping future of the market. We truely embrace the fact that black swan events are not really black swan events if the risks were measured and controlled appropriately.

We have used and supported some of the current leading collateral management solutions on the market both from vendor and client perspective. We decided to breakaway from the false stories and create real value for clients and the market. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get! We provide move value at less price!

We are seasoned FinTech professionals who understands the power of technology that can turn on the fog-lights to help drive through the foggy roads of global regulatory journey. We are the future of Collateral and Liquidity Management solution providers.

What we do...

Taking shelter under the complex and evolving nature of the global regulations, current collateral management solution vendors and service providers make the collateral and liquidity management process a hindrance to the smooth business operations. We understand that it should not be as difficult as it appears. OpenMargin not only makes the day-to-day collateral operations an efficient and automated process, but also provides an opportunity to grow the business and profit margins.

OpenRisk technologies’ first move to the market is OpenMargin. We use FIBO (Financial Information Business Ontology) to standardize derivatives data, Data Semantics tools and techniques to seamlessly attach business context to every data point, Graph Database to naturally represent and persist the data, and Microservice based architecture to make derivatives margin management as simple as it should be.

For more information on OpenRisk Technologies LLC, please visit www.openrisktech.com

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