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ROKITT ASTRA is a unique algorithmic solution that enables enterprises to discover more information about its data and data relationships. It enables organizations to understand how data flows through their enterprise. Unlike other solutions, our product uses Machine Learning and brute force, algorithmic analysis to discover perviously unknown metadata and data relationships in order to be able to manage data, reduce regulatory risk to businesses and open opportunities to leverage data assets.
ROKITT ASTRA has an easy-to-use, interactive user interface which effortlessly integrates with any prominent industry infrastructure to find out which columns relate to each other in different tables across the database(s). It graphically depicts how information flows within and across databases. ROKITT Astra seeks to meet enterprise data discovery needs by simplifying data availability, improving the users’ understanding of their data, and exposing new information assets amongst their applications. ROKITT Astra helps find the answers your business needs to unlock its hidden potential.

For more information on ROKITT U.S.A., please visit www.rokittastra.com

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