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Credit Dimensions

Credit Dimensions offers a comprehensive master data management application for financial firms that helps them manage their customer data and other entity information in completing their business transactions, risk analysis or regulatory compliance. Our application helps in streamlining data management and reporting by maintaining a single instance of a customer record identifiable by a global unique identifier. We help integrate multiple customer records that belong to different industry segments and with varying characteristics to co-exist in the same database, thus getting rid of distributed databases. The CDI matching engine helps linking information in external systems to the global unique identifier by creating a cross-reference of unique identities from individual data sources and refreshing them periodically with new data. This capability helps our clients in enriching their customer records with the necessary information from specialist providers.

The Credit Dimension workflow and lightweight user interface reduces time to setup a new customer and approval processes. Using our workflow based setup and approval process brings discipline of data ownership, and by ensuring high quality data input to risk calculators, we help reduce operational risks dramatically.

Credit Dimension has numerous user-friendly features for Data Stewards in financial institutions, making their work easy and eliminating risk of oversight. Our products currently include the CDI MatchPRO and CDI DMS.

For more information on Credit Dimensions , please visit www.creditdimensions.com

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