Webinar: CDMC Certification with Microsoft and EDM Council

Experts from EDM Council and Microsoft will discuss Microsoft’s CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) certification in this EDMWebinar. Learn more about the CDMC framework for cloud data best practices and the 14 Key Controls and Automations for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. We will discuss how you can accelerate your organization’s cloud adoption and how you can implement best practices within your own operational environment.

Enabling Safe Use of Generative AI with Data Controls

Generative AI is bound to disrupt the way we work, live and play. On one hand it enables organizations a way to leverage the incredible power of data, but on the other hand the use of data carelessly with these large models can put the organizations at immense risk.

In this webinar, industry experts will share their real-world insights tackling these challenges and how they have accelerated innovation with embedded controls.

The panel will explore the best practices for the safe and responsible use of data with generative AI, such that while innovating all the key data control obligations are being taken care of.