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Business First Data Lineage – A New Approach

Data Lineage plays a critical role in data governance and operations processes. While CDOs used to be primarily technology focused, the data-driven needs of modern organizations demand that CDOs become more focused on delivering business value. Despite this shift, traditional data lineage tools and solutions remain highly technical and often provide details that are not relevant to business users. These users thus depend on technology teams to provide the relevant data lineage information needed for analysis, but this can be time consuming and inefficient with legacy tools.


Business users of today’s digital-first environments require information related to data lineage available on demand. In this webinar, we will discuss opportunities, how-to’s and benefits for implementing a simplified, automated, and business-friendly data lineage model.



Gain more insights and operational intelligence to improve regulatory reporting
Reduce dependency on in-house technology resources and time spent for root cause analysis
Simplify representation of rules and data with different views for ease of understanding by operational users.
Join this session to learn more about:

Challenges with Data Lineage as CDOs become more business focused
A new approach towards providing business-friendly data lineage
Real-world benefits and results for businesses
Our featured experts:

Masood Khatri, Head of Digital and Product, Xoriant CDi
Apnav Agrawal, Director Data Governance Practice, Xoriant CDi
Mike Meriton, Moderator, Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council

The 2022 Guide to Modernizing Data Lineage