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EDM Council Recordings

FIBO-V Debt Group Meeting, September 7
Meeting recording  

EDM Council Best Practices Working Group: Data Governance and Program Implementation, September 7  
Meeting Recording 

FIBO Vocabulary Orientation Meeting, June 2016 
FIBO Development Process, Debt review, FIBO-V Project Management. 
Webinar RecordingSlides

EDM Council Best Practices Working Group: Data Management and Information Security, April 2016 
Kickoff meeting: 20 April
Webinar recording  
This meeting defined the forthcoming priorities of the data management and information security working group series

EDM Council FIBO Proof of Concept at State Street, April 2016
A presention by David Saul, SVP and Chief Scientist, State Street, on the 'real case' operational opportunities of using FIBO with an organization.

EDM Council Best Practices Working Group: Data Governance and Program Implementation, April 2016 
Kickoff meeting: 5 April
Webinar recording
This meeting defined the forthcoming priorities of the of the data governance working group series

SB-Data Symposium on Cybersecurity and FIBO, October 2015
Entire webinar recording  
       Overview of SB-Data and Data Interoperability (:30)  SB Data Respondents
       Cybersecurity and SB-Data (1:15)  Alfred Berkeley, General Alexander (ret),  Matt Olsen
       Data Standards – XBRL and FIBO (1:0) Michele Savage, David Newman, Dennisn Wisnosky

EDM Council Update, May 2015
Webinar recording
An update on the progress of DCAM and FIBO as well as a review of the global regulatory environment and a focus session or panel discussion. Unfortunately the recording has malalignment of sound vs image.  You might find it easier to follow the presentation slides seperately

EDM Council FIBO Engagement Process Webinar, January 2015
Webinar recording
This webinar provided EDM Council members (ontologists, architects, subject matter experts and process specialists) an understanding of how the FIBO development process works and how to most efficiently engage in the full spectrum of related activities.

EDM Council Update, November 2014
Webinar recording
An update on the state of data management within the financial industry including a review of the regional RDA/BCBS 239 roundtable discussions held throughout September/October.

Keynote, November 2014
John Bottega provides a keynote presentation at A-Team Group Data Management Summit in New York.

Interview, September 2014
RDA Is Wake-Up Call for Data Managers
John Bottega is interviewed by Greg MacSweeney,  Editorial Director, Wall Street & Technology on what RDA (Risk Data Aggregation) means to financial firms.

Using FIBO for Regulatory Compliance,  June 2014
Webinar recording
A demonstration on the use of the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) in combination with executable business rules to automate compliance with the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation W (Reg-W).

FIMA (Webinar), May 14 2014
BCBS239 - Is your data consistently inconsistent?

How a firm can utilize the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) principles to advance it data management governance, operations, technology and quality.
       Peter Serenita, Chief Data Officer, HSBC
       Predrag Dizdarevic, Partner, Element 22
       John Bottega, Chief Data Officer, EDM Council
       Stan Christiaens, Chief Operating Officer, Collibra

Council Update, March 2014
Webinar recording
Presentation by Mike Atkin on the EDM Council’s perspective on the impact of global regulatory activity: BCBS 239, derivatives transparency and OFR/FSOC. Plus how this relates to the underlying standards-based infrastructure and the overlay for standard assessment criteria on data management capability.

Council Update, June 2013
Webinar recording
Identifying the actions affecting data management and the implications for financial institutions and their suppliers.

Altitude and Airspeed
The US Department of Defense presents on the Semantic Initiative. Dennis Wisnosky presents at 9min44sec.

Introduction to Semantic Technology
Semantic Technology in the US DOD business mission area.  Presented by Dennis Wisnosky

Standard Metric for Metadata, April 23 2013

Standard Metric for Metadata, March 12, 2013
Technical implementation discussion.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, March 6, 2013.
Finalizing the current draft of the model for Business Entities, to form the basis of our first formal submission of this model content to the Object Management Group.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, January 23, 2013
Discussion over the kinds of ownership and control among entities.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, January 16, 2013
Continuation of ownership and control across business entities.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, January 9, 2013
Ownership and control across business entities. 

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, December 19 2012
Relationship hierarchy discussion.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, December 5 2012
Types of relationships between different business entities.

Standard Metric for Metadata, November 27 2012
Structural Framework

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, November 28 2012
Common entity features

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, November 7 2012
Discussion on the types of business entity required for funds and other collective investment vehicles

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, October 31 2012
Business entities legal structure

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, October 24 2012
Validation of previous discussions and focus on liable entity.

Standard Metric for Metadata, October 24 2012
Definition of metadata

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, October 17 2012
This session focused on legal entity and legal person.

FIBO-BE Content Review Meeting, October 10 2012
Financial Industry Business Ontology for business entities (FIBO-BE) will be the first of a series of ontology standards from OMG.  This is a recording of the first content review meeting before we release the technical standard.  

President Barack Obama   State of the Union Address
In his 2012 State Of The Union Address President Obama refers to data management
" My Administration has already lined up more companies that want to help ... to create model partnerships that teach people skills that businesses are looking for right now … from
data management to high-tech manufacturing."

January 2012 (time 18m20s) 

Industry update, February 23 2012
Recording of the presentation given by Michael Atkin to the industry

Managing Unstructured & Structured Data
An interview between Mike Atkin and Mark Cowan on the importance of focusing on data in effective supply chain management

Is Information Management Just Hype?
The ability to manage data effectively is a desire, need, request or demand each of us is dealing with today. In the end, is this just the new hype, or a true business need we have the obligation to address?

Information Management Fairy Tale
Is Data Quality Just a Fairy Tale? We hear stories of Information Management strategies and issues in other departments, divisions, organizations, and industries. But are those just fairy tales? Is there truth in these tales, is there a connection to us, or is it all make-believe?

A light hearted approach by 'Platon' to the importance of data quality in data management.