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Members can engage in the activities of the EDM Council in a variety of ways … from joining working groups to attending briefings to engaging in issue debates with other members to presenting ideas on EDMC forums. EDM Council events and activities are generally restricted to members only and require registration to participate. There are no restrictions on the number or type of activities available to EDM Council members. Click here to see if your company/organization/agency is a member of the EDM Council.

Opportunities for Participation

Designate Interest Areas

Members can indicate areas of interest and will receive relevant information about the related programs of work. This is a primary mechanism for remaining engaged in Council activities. Edit interest areas.

Member Briefings/Receptions

The Council holds formal briefings throughout the year. Regularly scheduled briefings are held in NYC, London, Boston, and Toronto as well as in conjunction with staff travel. Events Calendar.

Working Groups

Working Groups are created and managed by Council members according to project requirements and specification. Working Groups exist for the Data Management Capability Model (DCAM) initiative, data quality; legal entity identification, the FIBO standards, and for the application of semantics in operational environments. Check for active working groups under the ‘Projects’ tab in the upper navigation.


Members can affiliate with projects, activities and events of the Council to help with industry positioning and achieve branding objectives. Contact Jonathan Kroeber for information about sponsorship opportunities.