Company-Wide Membership with Unlimited* Employee Participation

  • EDMC Membership covers your global enterprise – with full rights and privileges extended to all affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • Register an unlimited number of employees* – include your data management team and other departments and functions: analytics, risk, compliance, data warehousing, and more.

Membership Products & Services

Best Practice Program

  • DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) Framework – members are entitled to download and use DCAM for their data management program design & initiation; for assessments of their current state program; to benchmark to their peer group and for general data management training.
  • CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) Framework – EDM Council’s CDMC Workgroup is pleased to release the full CDMC framework v1.1, comprising of all six of its major components and capabilities, including the CDMC 14 Key Controls and Automations for protecting sensitive data in a cloud/hybrid cloud environment. Learn more here.
  • Best Practice Groups – members are entitled to join groups of fellow industry practitioners collaborating on developing best practice. Active Work Groups include Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) Best Practice Framework Work Group,  ESG Data Work Group, DCAM Analytics Component Work Group, and previously the CDE (Critical Data Elements) Work Group, Business Glossary Work Group, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Group, and others.
  • Benchmarking – members receive Global Data Management Industry Benchmark summaries plus other research and reports.


  • Open Knowledge Graph and FIBO Industry Ontology & Content Teams – members can access Open Knowledge Graph and Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and participate on industry ontology content development teams for specific data domains of interest. FIBO is open source and can power knowledge graph databases linking data from many sources and supports machine learning and inference analytics.

Research & Innovation

  • Research & Document Library – members can access our document library encompassing data management best practices and standards for your company’s internal use and redistribution.
  • EDMWebinar – feature your firm’s experiences, innovation and knowledge of key industry topics to a global audience through 1-hour webinars
  • EDMTalks – access a video library of data management thought leadership topics and innovative vendor solutions explained in 12 minutes or less!

Comprehensive Data Management Training & Certification

  • Virtual Classroom and Dedicated Virtual Training – at special member rates with EDM Council Virtual Training courses encompassing DCAM v2.2 Framework, Knowledge Graph Architecture for the Enterprise, Data Ethics & Responsible AI, and Cloud Data Management Capabilities. EDM Council Members receive 20-50% savings for our open classes and savings for dedicated classes for their company staff.
  • Comprehensive eLearning – through our partnership with eLearningCurve we offer 50+ online courses and 200+ hours of education material, from fundamentals to advanced topics with 9 information management role based tracks supporting 2 professional certification programs.  Courses and certification class cover a wide range of data management and analytics / data science topics and EDM Council Members receive 20-45% savings on Corporate and Enterprise eLearning training and certification packages.

Membership Engagement – Networking – EDMConnect

  • DataVision Member Briefings, Webinars, Conferences and Networking receptions – meet virtually at our DataVision regional events or in person as available on leading data management topics and network with fellow data management professionals. EDMC members also receive savings to attend other leading data management conferences throughout the year.
  • Vendor Member Thought Leadership Series – EDM Council Vendor members can engage membership with strategic topics and can optionally sponsor the Though Leadership Series through EDMWebinars, EDMTalks (video series) and sponsoring our DataVision Regional Membership briefing events.
  • EDMConnect – 24/7 Online Global Membership Engagement Platform – connect to 15 years of online library and best practice resources, connect with over 300+ leading companies and 15,000+ data management and analytics professionals through EDMConnect our private online platform that supports PC’s and Smartphones. You can setup your personal profile, connect to your peers and join online interest and work groups covering a broad range of data management topics from data quality and data governance to analytics, machine learning & AI. With EDMConnect you will stay connected to all things EDM!

* Note – Corporate 250, Corporate 30 and Corporate 10 memberships are limited to 250, 30 and 10 employees respectively.  All other membership categories permit an unlimited number of employee participants.