EDM Council Launches Data Excellence Program

New York, February 14, 2024 — The EDM Council has introduced the Data Excellence Program in response to the growing need for standardized measurement and recognition of data management excellence at the organizational level. EDM Council is the global trade association providing best practices, standards and education to advance data management and advanced analytics. This innovative initiative aims to acknowledge organizations that are dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence in data management, based on globally recognized best practices.

Despite the critical importance of data as a strategic asset for organizations, many are challenged to manage data effectively, efficiently and consistently. The Data Excellence Program supports organizations in developing a culture that demonstrates their commitment to data management as a strategic ongoing program, utilizing a best practice framework for measuring capability. Achieving various criteria earns industry recognition.

“The EDM Council is thrilled to launch the Data Excellence Program with our members, fostering a community of organizations dedicated to unlocking the full value of their data assets,” said John Bottega, President, EDM Council. “As organizations embark on this journey, they not only elevate their data management capabilities but also position themselves as leaders in data excellence.”

Key elements of the Data Excellence Program include:

  • Data Management Team Training and Certification based on the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) framework
  • Independent Assessments and Capability Improvement Plans conducted with EDM Council Certified Partners
  • Recognition for Achievement
  • Global Data Management Benchmark Repository

Founding members of the Data Excellence Program include both participating companies and Certified Partners, who are authorized by the EDM Council to support members in achieving the program criteria:

“We are honored to be one of the founders of the Data Excellence Program, the first-of-its-kind, global initiative acknowledging those organizations who are making an ongoing commitment to achieving best practices across their data functions,” said Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture, BT Group. “We are already seeing results, such as a team culture dedicated to delivering the highest quality and greatest value for our data assets.”

“One of Freddie Mac’s ongoing priorities is to be at the forefront of data excellence in our business practices,” said Aravind Jagannathan, Vice President and Single-Family Chief Data Officer for Freddie Mac. “As a founding member of the EDM Council’s Data Excellence Program, we look forward to meaningfully contributing to this area globally, and continuing to cultivate world-class data excellence in our Freddie Mac teams and throughout the industry.”

For more information about the Data Excellence Program, please visit the EDM Council website.

Video | CDMC Framework Allows Businesses to Use Data Risk-Free

A CDO Magazine interview with Mike Meriton & Ricardo Crepaldi

Mike Meriton (Co-founder, EDM Council) speaks with Ricardo Crepaldi (Global Director of Data Foundation, BASF and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member) in a video interview about the inception of the CDMC framework, its six major components, and fourteen key controls. They also discuss how beneficial the framework can be for tech firms and companies.

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework was developed by EDM Council’s CDMC Working Group, with 300+ professionals participating from 100+ firms, including the world’s major cloud service providers (CSPs) – AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft – plus leading financial firms, consultancies, technology firms and numerous corporations.

Click here to watch the full interview

New Data ROI Report: DataCo

The EDM Council announces the publication of DataCo: Independent Data Organizations Maximizing the Value of Data, the third report produced by our .

This downloadable report demonstrates why forming a DataCo – or Data Company, an independent organizational construct – can maximize the value of the data assets of a parent organization. To explore the current landscape of this approach and determine the criteria to define a DataCo, the report analyzes public information from 51 companies that have created distinctly named constructs focused on leveraging a parent company’s data.

The EDM Council Data ROI Working Group has determined that a DataCo has three defining characteristics:

  • It manages all or a portion of its parent organization’s data
  • It is independent from parent organizations
  • It maximizes the value of the data of the parent organizations

Download Data ROI Report on DataCo

Video | Microsoft Partner Showcase – EDM Council

Mike Meriton, Co-Founder of the EDM Council, speaks with Brian Hitney, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, in a video interview discussing the history of the EDM Council and the CDMC framework.

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework was developed by EDM Council’s CDMC Working Group, with 300+ professionals participating from 100+ firms, including the world’s major cloud service providers (CSPs) – AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft – plus leading financial firms, consultancies, technology firms and numerous corporations.

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New! ESG Data Management Report: Investment Product Creators

EDM Council is excited to announce the publication of ESG Data Management: Investment Product Creators, the fourth report produced by the ESG Working Group. This downloadable report discusses the data challenges and data management best practices relating to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data for investment product creators. It includes recommendations on short and longer-term actions this stakeholder group can take to improve the collection and use of ESG data within their investment analysis, practices, and reporting.

Download ESG Data Management: Investment Product

Microsoft achieves first Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) certification

Vice President and General Manager, Data Governance, Microsoft

CDMC Certified Cloud Solution Seal

Today, Microsoft announced the successful completion of the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) 14 Key Controls and Automations certification, conducted by Accenture and Avanade, accelerating the industry’s move to the cloud. The 14 Key Controls and Automations are a part of the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities framework formulated as a best practice to help all industries accelerate the migration of sensitive and non-sensitive data to the cloud with confidence. This certification demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing comprehensive CDMC cloud data management automations and controls for protecting sensitive data to accelerate trusted cloud adoption.

When we first joined the EDM Council’s CDMC Work Group in May 2020, Microsoft was at the beginning of its journey building out what is now known as Microsoft Purview, our unified data governance and compliance solution. We joined over 300 industry data thought leaders with representation from the world’s largest banks and technology companies to identify a control standard to keep data safe.

Every organization we have had the opportunity to engage with is looking to accelerate its use of data to drive its business outcomes. Best practices for how to govern data as it moves to and is born in the cloud were a constant area of discussion and need. This is why we were so excited to partner with the EDM Council and thought leaders around the globe to make data governance practice in the cloud simpler and more approachable, allowing everyone to derive more value from data.

“Across every industry, we’ve seen that clients who are capitalizing on data are driving innovation and competitive advantage. Avanade clients are transforming their business through data strategies and capabilities including data fabric, data mesh, and modern analytics and governance at scale. With the CDMC certification of Microsoft’s cloud platform, our clients will be able to leverage industry-leading governance best practices advanced by the EDM Council, and we will expand this to more organizations and achieve stronger business outcomes.”—Simon Thomas, Global Head of Data and AI, Avanade

Graphic showing the CDMC 6 core components

The CDMC 14 Key Controls and Automations

Governance and accountability

1. Data Control Compliance must be monitored for all data assets containing sensitive data through metrics and automated notifications.

2. The Ownership field in a data catalog must be populated for all sensitive data or otherwise reported to a defined workflow.

3. A register of Authoritative Data Sources and Provisioning Points must be populated for all data assets containing sensitive data.

4. The Data Sovereignty and Cross-Border Movement of sensitive data must be recorded, auditable, and controlled according to defined policy.

Cataloging and classification

5. Cataloging must be automated for all data at the point of creation or ingestion, with consistency across all environments.

6. Classification must be automated for all data at the point of creation or ingestion and must always be on.

Accessibility and usage

7. Entitlements and Access for Sensitive Data must default to the creator and owner and access must be tracked for all sensitive data.

8. Data Consumption Purpose must be provided for all Data Sharing Agreements involving sensitive data.

Protection and privacy

9. Appropriate Security Controls must be enabled for sensitive data and evidence must be recorded.

10. Data Privacy Impact Assessments must be automatically triggered for all personal data according to its jurisdiction.

Data lifecycle

11. Data Quality Measurement must be enabled for sensitive data with metrics distributed when available.

12. Data Retention, Archiving, and Purging must be managed according to a defined retention schedule.

Data and technical architecture

13. Data Lineage information must be available for all sensitive data.

14. Cost Metrics directly associated with data use, storage, and movement must be available in the catalog.

In today’s environment, many organizations are looking to set the data foundation in place to quickly adhere to ever-changing regulatory requirements across multijurisdictions. They’re also looking for the confidence that data is properly protected no matter where it resides. Without having the foundational layer in place, analytics and AI will not deliver trusted insights. This milestone for the industry allows organizations to balance their offensive and defensive position when it comes to generating value from their data and meeting compliance standards.

“The Cloud Data Management Capabilities framework represents the best practices in data on cloud from a huge number of financial services companies and other leading data practitioners from across other industry groups. It is great to see Microsoft natively certifying their platform against CDMC key controls, automating the most important capabilities in data management, which will help accelerate adoption of cloud services. We are excited by their continuing contributions to extend CDMC into new areas this year.”—Oli Bage, Co-chair of CDMC Work Group and Head of Architecture for Data and Analytics, London Stock Exchange Group

“Microsoft’s certification of the CDMC 14 Automated Key Controls is an impressive accomplishment because it marks the completion of a comprehensive, in-depth confirmation of their cloud leadership. Having its cloud platform independently certified will give Microsoft’s clients even greater confidence in accelerating their own adoption of cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies with the assurance that their data is controlled and protected.”—John Bottega, President, EDM Council

Microsoft’s certification allows client companies across all sectors to implement best practices within their own operational environments and ensure that the 14 Key Controls will protect their sensitive data cross-jurisdiction and speed their own certification against the CDMC Key Controls.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Learn more about Microsoft.

About Avanade

Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions, and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. Every day, their 60,000 professionals in 26 countries make a genuine human impact on clients, employees, and customers. They have been recognized, together with their parent, Accenture, as Microsoft Global SI Partner of the Year more than any other company. With the most Microsoft certifications (60,000 plus) and 18 (out of 18) Gold-level Microsoft competencies, they are uniquely positioned to help businesses grow and solve their toughest challenges. They are a people-first company, committed to providing an inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable being their authentic selves. As a responsible business, they are building a sustainable world and helping young people from underrepresented communities fulfill their potential. Majority owned by Accenture, Avanade was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation. Learn more about Avanade.

About EDM Council

EDM Council is the global association created to elevate the practice of data management and analytics as a business and operational priority. The Council is the leading global advocate for the development and implementation of data standards, best practices, and comprehensive training and certification programs. With over 350 organizations from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and over 25,000 data management professionals as members, the EDM Council provides a venue for data professionals to interact, communicate, and collaborate on the challenges and advances in data management and analytics as critical organizational functions.

Learn more

1. Discover best practices for cloud data management with EDM Council’s CDMC framework, including a free download.

2. Learn more about the Microsoft Purview unified data governance platform and CDMC Assessments with Microsoft, an EDM Council CDMC Authorized Partner.

3. Read about Microsoft’s data transformation journey, best practices, and CDMC partnership in the Whitepaper, the CDO Seat at the Cloud Table.

4. Learn more about Microsoft Security solutions and bookmark the Security blog to keep up with expert coverage on security matters. Also, follow Microsoft Security on LinkedIn and @MSFTSecurity on Twitter for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity.

New Data ROI Report: Data as an Asset

EDM Council announces the publication of Measure, Manage, Create Value – Practical Steps for Achieving High Data ROI by Treating Data as an Asset, the second report produced by the . This downloadable report demonstrates how to isolate the overall value of data in an organization from its total unattributed intangible value. This includes variations for the special situations of data product companies and banks, and illustrates how to compute a data ROI (return on investment).

The Three-Step Framework includes:
  • Measure: Assign a specific value to your organization’s data.
  • Manage: Understand how to treat data with similar care as physical assets.
  • Create value: Establish a practice to compute the return on investment (ROI) of data initiatives.

Download Data ROI Report on Data as an Asset

EDM Council welcomes McDonald’s Corporation as its newest member

Behind McDonald’s Corporation Golden Arches is a global community of crew, farmers, suppliers, franchisees, and countless others who make up who we are as a brand. It’s the entire McFamily that makes McDonald’s what it is today and what it’s been for over 65 years.

Across our business, we strive to lift up the communities we’re in. We do it through our purpose, to feed and foster communities. We do it through our growth pillars, which focus on integral areas of our business. We do it through our leadership, with a team that will move our brand forward.

For more information: click here

New Data ROI Report: The Data Office Playbook v1.0

The EDM Council convened the Data Office ROI Working Group to develop comprehensive guidelines to help organizations navigate data challenges. The downloadable report discusses these challenges and recommended data management best practices for developing a return on investment (ROI) for the data office. The Data Office ROI Playbook v1.0 is the culmination of intense work by more than 125 cross-industry practitioners and interviews with 15 CDOs around the world over the course of 15 months.

Download Data Office ROI Report: Playbook v1.0

The Data Office ROI Playbook v1.0 consists of:
  • 7 steps, 28 plays and 4 actions that any organization can implement
  • Mappings of data ROI to DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model), CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities), and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) frameworks from the EDM Council
  • 16 business cases and 19 case studies

EDM Council has released its 2023 Global Data Management Benchmark Report

EDM Council Benchmark Report Details Strategic Rise of Chief Data Officers 
Biennial study uncovers expanding role of the CDO and wider establishment of data management across industries worldwide

New York, NY, December 8, 2022 – EDM Council, the cross-industry trade association for data management, has released its 2023 Global Data Management Benchmark Report, indicating the importance of Chief Data Officers across industries and the growth of data management as a formal discipline within organizations.

The 2023 Benchmark Report’s data revealed the growing strategic significance of the Chief Data Officer role and the practice of data management, specifically that:

  • 65% of respondents stated their firm has formally appointed a Chief Data Officer or Chief Data Executive, up from 60% in 2020
  • 86% of finance industry CDOs now report to the C-Suite, increasing from 72% in 2020
  • 80% of Data Executives in non-financial markets report to the C-Suite, with 20% of those reporting directly to the CEO

“In my 30+ years as a data executive, the scope of responsibilities has expanded considerably, but especially so in the last few years,” said John Bottega, President, EDM Council. “This year’s Benchmark Report shows Data Executives, and the data management function as a whole, taking on a much greater strategic role as they help to define not only their firm’s data management vision but also their analytics, AI/ML, ESG and sustainability data direction.”

This fourth edition of the Benchmark Report saw a three-fold increase in overall participation, plus responses from more industries, with 58% of responses coming from non-financial companies, a 27% increase from the 2020 survey. The Benchmark studies use DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model), which outlines best practices for data programs, as the framework to assess how the profession as a whole has progressed its data management program agenda.

Survey participants indicate that 80% have data governance programs in progress or already established. The Report also highlights the critical role of responsible, ethical management of the public’s data but the need for improvement, with only 62% of respondents indicating the establishment or progress of sustainable data analytic governance programs, although this has increased from 51% in 2020. The topic of data literacy as a crucial element of a strong data-driven culture is also represented in the analysis as a key factor of a firm’s overall success.

Download the Benchmark Report

About EDM Council
EDM Council is the global association created to elevate the practice of data management and analytics as a business and operational priority. The Council is the leading, global advocate for the development and implementation of data standards, best practices and comprehensive training and certification programs. With over 350 member global organizations from the Americas, EMEA and Asia, and over 15,000 data management professionals as members, EDM Council provides a venue for data professionals to interact, communicate, and collaborate on the challenges and advances in data management and analytics as critical organizational functions. For more, visit https://edmcouncil.org/.