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This page contains documents and reports relating to the EDM Council initiatives. Documents are presented here in order, most recent first.


The Data-centric Solution to Asset Managers’ 2018 Challenges
Gresham Technologies’ Jan Dinger and Scott Knous of Olmstead Associates sat down with EDM Council’s Executive Director, John Bottega, to assess these shifting pressures, and discuss why being more data-centric can help firms execute their transformation initiatives with a greater probability of success. Article Published by Head of Trading and ISS Magazine.
26 March 2018 - 460.42KB
eLearning Overview
Introduction to eLearning
07 February 2018 - 4.27MB
The Emergence of the Chief Data Officer
What we know for sure is that the board-level role of Chief Data Officer is on the rise. Google Trends shows waning public interest in CIO and CTO searches as CDOs rise from the depths of obscurity into the limelight. Gartner estimates that “90 percent of large companies will have a CDO role by the end of 2019.” A report published by Exago.
22 March 2018 - 327.43KB


What's In / What's Out for 2018
Our list of trends that are waning and new buzz words that are emerging
14 December 2017 - 212.60KB
Members Brief (London: Dec 2017) - EMERGE Presentation
Applications Case Study: Machine learning New ways to making meaningful improvements to the bottom line from data Presented by: Laurence Rau, Co-Founder, Emerge Analytics
07 December 2017 - 20.95MB
Members Brief (London: Dec 2017) - Promontory Presentation
Global Data Protection Regulation Analysis of the data requirements and implications of GDPR Presented by: Simon McDougall, Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group
07 December 2017 - 2.51MB
Members Brief (NYC: Dec 2017) - Freddie Mac Presentation
Governance Case Study: Leveraging Data to Advance Business Strategy Presented by: Jodi Morton, Vice President, Governance & Data Management, Freddie Mac
30 November 2017 - 1.32MB
Members Brief (London: Dec 2017) - Thompson Reuters Presentation
Application Case Study: Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph First to market knowledge graph feed for financial services Presented by: Geoffrey Horrell, Director of Innovation, Thomson Reuters Corporation
07 December 2017 - 3.59MB


Member Update (December 2016)
December 2015: EDM Council presentation to members in NYC. including 3-year plan, FIBO Vocabulary and adoption, plus DCAM 2.0 and working groups.
09 December 2016 - 6.67MB
Report to Members: January 2016
Highlights of core EDM Council initiatives
21 January 2016 - 234.94KB
The Principles of Data Management
A historical perspective of the developments in data management from business computing to data tagging to the development of TCP/IP to semantic processing.
12 September 2016 - 245.81KB
What's In / What's Out for 2016
The annual review of what is current for the forthcoming year
07 January 2016 - 32.05KB
Member Update (March 2016)
March 2016: EDM Council presentation to members in NYC. Including overview of FIBO Interest Rate Swap PoC, approaches to data unification, blockchain and applications, and a full update on the EDM Council agenda
11 March 2016 - 8.43MB


DCAM Benchmarking Report 2015
The 2015 data management benchmarking study covered 21 of the most critical concepts related to effective data management. It was derived directly from the EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM™) – a set of standard criteria used to measure data management functions and processes. The final report includes analysis related to the adoption of data quality processes; the implementation of standards needed to achieve data comparability across the financial system; the establishment of strong governance to ensure successful data integration; and the ability to aggregate data needed by regulators in order to monitor threats to stability across the global financial system.
19 November 2015 - 6.23MB
Member Update (April 2015)
Council update to members (New York). Covering the implications of BCBS239 and the progress made in FIBO and DCAM
31 August 2015 - 8.32MB
Member Update & Benchmarking (October 2015)
EDM Council presentation to members on the results of the industry-wide benchmarking study, a full update on the progress of DCAM and FIBO as well as a review of the global regulatory environment.
15 October 2015 - 10.11MB
Data Harmonization and the Mandate for Shared Meaning
Article published by The Clearing House in the Banking Perspective Q2 2015, written by John Bottega, Data Management Advisory Services/EDM Council
30 June 2015 - 228.72KB


EDM Council Report to Members, FIBO Engagement Model
Outlines the new structured process for members to engage in the FIBO components.
11 December 2014 - 264.64KB
Data is King
John Bottega's viewpoint on risk around data and risk management. Article published on Views on Risk (RiskArticles.com)
13 October 2014 - 141.20KB
What's In / What's Out For 2015
Our annual look at the year in review and the trends expected in the coming 12 months.
09 December 2014 - 43.76KB
Member Update (July 2014)
A round-up of developments affecting enterprise data management.
01 July 2014 - 5.46MB
Industry Briefing, Webinar (October 2014)
An update on the state of data management within the financial industry including a review of the regional RDA/BCBS 239 roundtable discussions (held throughout September/October)
05 November 2014 - 7.97MB
Report to Members: June 2014
Full report (members only) update by Mike Atkin on the status of the EDM Council activities and initiatives
12 June 2014 - 167.27KB
Member Update (October 2014)
Council update to members covering; the Data Management Capability Model (DCAM) and how we are aligning it to the best practices agenda for the Council; our discussions with global regulators and what is required to support both scenario-based and linked-risk analysis; and the the progress that has been made for the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).
29 October 2014 - 7.94MB
DCAM Overview
Introduction to Data Management Capability Assessment Methodology
10 June 2014 - 3.72MB


What's In,What's Out: 2013
The EDM Council's annual look at the past 12 months.
10 December 2013 - 41.55KB
Report to Members: April 2013
A synopsis of the activities of the EDM Council over the past few months.
22 April 2013 - 99.10KB
Data Management Infrastructure
The Council’s view on the underlying infrastructure for data management and how the components relate to one another
03 December 2013 - 119.37KB
Project and Activity Matrix
Summary of all active EDM Council projects and activities
28 January 2013 - 86.47KB
Report to Members: Dec 2013
Updated synopsis of the activities of the EDM Council
02 December 2013 - 141.86KB


What's In,What's Out: 2012
Our view of the concepts and activities that are on the rise in our industry versus those that seem to be waning.
11 December 2012 - 45.75KB
Report to Members: June 2012
A summary of the projects and initiatives of the Council
25 June 2012 - 536.96KB
Report to Members: November 2012
Highlights of EDM Council activities underway.
30 November 2012 - 24.62KB
Council Update: Executive Summary Report
An update by Mike Atkin on the status of the EDM Council activities and initiatives
11 January 2012 - 469.06KB
Industry Briefing, Asia (Jun 2013)
Outlining latest developments in enterprise data management for presentation to Asia Pacific community
26 June 2012 - 974.58KB
Report to Members: January 2012
Full report (members only) update by Mike Atkin on the status of the EDM Council activities and initiatives
11 January 2012 - 571.68KB


What’s In, What's Out: 2011
EDM Council’s annual review of the ‘year that was.’
19 December 2011 - 92.19KB
Member Briefing: June 2011
A presentation by Mike Atkin to EDM Council members identifying the latest developments in regulatory change and the progress of Council activities
09 June 2011 - 608.05KB
Council Update: Executive Summary Report
Executive summary update by Mike Atkin on the status of the EDM Council activities and initiatives
26 August 2011 - 104.65KB
Member Briefing: March 2011
Presentation given by Mike Atkin to update the industry on the status of activities associated to data and risk management
31 March 2011 - 730.43KB
Council Update: Full Member Report
Full member update by Mike Atkin on the status of the EDM Council activities and initiatives
09 August 2011 - 77.65KB


End of Year Report
Status report on the issues and activities that make up the agenda of the EDM
23 December 2010 - 101.08KB
Report on EDM Council Activities
Status report on the issues and activities that make up the agenda of the EDM council including a summary of US and European regulatory developments
11 May 2010 - 197.24KB
What's in, What's out: 2010
An annual look at what's 'in' and 'out' in Data Management
21 December 2010 - 40.90KB
FSTC Article: Data Requirements for Systemic Risk
Article produced by Mike Atkin for the Financial Services Technology Consortia's magazine "The Innovator"
20 January 2010 - 42.58KB
Report to Members: October 2010
Latest Report to EDM Council members on the status of projects, initiatives and activities. This report contains our assessment of the Office of Financial Research and updates on discussions with relevant stakeholders.
01 October 2010 - 121.16KB


What's In, What's Out: 2009
Our summary of the status of EDM as we conclude 2009 and prepare for 2010
18 December 2009 - 99.80KB
Progress Report on the activities of the EDM Council
Status report on the activities and projects of the EDM Council.
06 April 2009 - 46.16KB
End of Year Report December 2009
Status report on the issues and activities that make up the agenda of the EDM Council (including a summary of regulatory activities, systemic risk, supply chain management, standards, source tagging POC, semantics repository, entity identification, data management maturity modelling).
11 December 2009 - 77.91KB
EDM: The Road Map Ahead
Article published in Institutional Investor defining the pathway forward for data management
01 April 2009 - 68.90KB
Report to Members: July 2009  
15 July 2009 - 64.15KB
Report to Members: March 2009
Status Report on the activities and projects of the EDM Council
02 March 2009 - 43.72KB
The Pulse of Data Management
EDM Council report based on interviews with the heads of data management from 20 global financial institutions on the state of enterprise data management and its relationship to current operational practices
01 July 2009 - 159.90KB
Data Foundation Paper
Data Foundation Paper provided to global regulators to introduce the concepts for developing greater oversight of data content infrastructure
12 February 2009 - 146.10KB
Data Requirements for Financial Oversight
Paper written by the EDM Council outlining the data requirements for systemic oversight.
22 June 2009 - 64.76KB


Overview of Semantics Repository  
15 December 2008 - 42.55KB
Operational Risk and the Importance of Accurate Business Entity Identification
An article written by Michael Atkin for Vision 2010, SIBOS edition
27 August 2008 - 1.35MB
What's In, What's Out: 2008
What's in, What's Out: 2008
15 December 2008 - 50.98KB
Implementation Working Group: Minutes June 2008  
02 June 2008 - 53.00KB
Practical Solution to the Problem of 'Meaning'
Article written by Mike Bennett defining the EDM Councils Semantics Repository
15 December 2008 - 29.16KB
Downstream Integration Online
This outline is a collection of the issues identified by EDM Council members on the critical subject of downstream integration.
16 May 2008 - 87.38KB
Report to Members: December 2008  
09 December 2008 - 42.40KB
Report to Members: March 2008  
24 March 2008 - 43.18KB


What's In,What's Out: 2007
Here’s our end-of-year view of EDM
04 December 2007 - 68.74KB
Daiwa Securities SMBC Case Study
This case study of the Daiwa Securities SMBC Europe represents a clear illustration of the classic business case for an infrastructure-driven implementation approach for EDM.
05 March 2007 - 29.57KB
ABN AMRO Case Study
This profile of ABN AMRO describes their approach for a shared service centre strategy for reference data management.
20 August 2007 - 40.00KB
Building a Sustainable Data Management Strategy
Contributed article to Vision 2010 on EDM drivers
01 March 2007 - 54.00KB
M&G Investments Case Study
This profile of M&G Investments emphasizes the importance of elevating data management as a core factor for investment modeling, trade processing and compliance management.
08 August 2007 - 20.63KB
Executive Summary of Agenda and Initiatives: October 2006
Synopsis of current initiatives associated with our four primary work streams
01 March 2007 - 48.73KB
Report to Members: July 2007
Critical Data Elements Result from metrics working meetings on process to define the most critical data elements throughout the trade lifecycle
31 July 2007 - 41.06KB
Data Quality Is the Objective
Contributed Article by Mike Atkin to DM Review on data quality and its relationship to supply chain management.
26 February 2007 - 26.79KB
Business Case for Data Manangement  
16 July 2007 - 10.96KB
JPMorgan Chase Case Study
This case study of the operational hub migration project at JPMorgan Chase addresses the organizational approach and program execution process associated with consolidation of data operations.
18 January 2007 - 28.39KB
EDM as a Business Priority  
06 July 2007 - 65.58KB
EDM Success Story – Mellon Financial
This case study is a profile of the vendor management program at Mellon Financial and focuses on the benefits of centralized contract management and the advantages of working with data vendors as long-term strategic partners.
02 January 2007 - 24.82KB
HBOS Case Study
A profile of how HBOS, by improving data quality to mitigate risk, extended the benefits to enterprise-wide.
02 April 2007 - 19.50KB


Sustainable Business Circle
Why EDM is rising as a priority. A report from Michael Atkin
22 December 2006 - 224.76KB
Implementation Working Group
Minutes of Working Group Report
10 August 2006 - 30.79KB
EDM - Making the Transition from Why to How
A report form Michael Atkin
22 December 2006 - 289.02KB
Supply Chain Working Group Report
Minutes of working group meeting
07 August 2006 - 37.33KB
What's In, What's Out: 2006
First annual EDM Council list indicating where we are as an industry and our opinion of where we are going over the next 12 months.
22 December 2006 - 17.89KB
Result to Members - Status of Activities
Results of Industry interviews and surveys on Council agenda and priorities.
01 June 2006 - 192.53KB
Centralization Research Strategy
Objectives and structure for research on data centralization approaches
22 December 2006 - 32.91KB
The Business Case on One Slide
Summary of business drivers by category
01 June 2006 - 10.96KB
Update on Progress
Objectives and structure for research on governance approaches.
22 December 2006 - 280.67KB
EDM Council – Insights from Year One
Contributed article for GoldenSource Customer Newsletter
17 May 2006 - 25.30KB
Governance Research Strategy
Objectives and structure for research on governance approaches
22 December 2006 - 25.75KB
Current State of Industry
Thoughts on EDM drivers and phases of development
01 May 2006 - 57.04KB
Current State of The Industry  
18 December 2006 - 57.04KB
Report to Members: March 2006  
03 April 2006 - 37.04KB
Credit Suisse Case Study
Documentation on how Credit Suisse automated the data analytics and calculation process for local currency / emerging market bonds.
12 December 2006 - 15.56KB
What Financial Institutions Want
Thoughts on the objectives of EDM from the customer perspective
07 February 2006 - 40.04KB
Business Metrics Strategy Report
Raw material from working group on performance and data quality metrics
11 September 2006 - 69.83KB
Principia Verbum: Entering the Age of Reason in Data Management
Contributed article to The Exchange Handbook on the drivers of EDM
01 February 2006 - 1.02MB
Supply Chain Issues to Address
Agenda for Supply Chain Working Group as basis for discussion and prioritization
06 September 2006 - 15.28KB
Enterprise Data Management: Trough of Disillusionment or Enlightened Maturity?
An article presented by Mike Atkin to WBR setting the context for FIMA 2006
14 January 2006 - 26.28KB
Report to Members: August 2006
Status report on EDM Council activities
23 August 2006 - 37.59KB


Operational Risk & Reference Data
Abstract article by Allan Grody (NYU) on the relationship between data and risk management
01 November 2005 - 370.89KB