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Membership Briefing

SAN FRANcisco, New York,  London, Boston & Toronto  

SAN FRANCISCO   Thursday 8 October (from 2.15pm)  
Hosted at Charles Schwab, 215 Freemont Street, San Francisco
 - Taken place -

NEW YORK   Wednesday 14 October (from 2.30pm)  
Hosted at HSBC, 452 Fifth Avenue, New York (W 40th St)
  - Taken place -

LONDON   Thursday 29 October 29 (from 2.30pm)  
Hosted at HSBC, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London
 - Taken place -

BOSTON  Wednesday 4 November (from 2.30pm)  
Hosted at Brown Brothers Harriman Offices, 50 Post Office Square, Boston, MA
 - Taken place -

TORONTO   Tuesday 10 November (from 2.30pm)  
Hosted at RBC, 200 Bay Street, 40th Fl. South Tower, Toronto, ON

GLOBAL WEBINAR  Tuesday 17 November (8.00am Eastern US ● 1.00pm UK) 

These events are designed as extended briefing sessions and each will include a presentation of the results of the EDM Council’s industry-wide benchmarking study, a CDO roundtable and a full update on the progress of DCAM and FIBO as well as a review of the global regulatory environment.   All the meetings will conclude with a networking drinks reception.

There is no charge for member participation in these events.  Please feel at liberty to invite interested colleagues.


2015 Industry Benchmarking Results

In-depth look at the current state of data management across the financial information industry. We will summarize the consolidated scoring across all 21 questions; present our analysis based on segment (buy, sell, insurance) and firm size as well as look at the results from the perspective of data management program duration, status of governance implementation, program scope and where the ODM sits within the organization. The benchmarking analysis has been fully aligned with DCAM 1.1 and we will provide our view of the results from the perspective of capability assessment.

CDO Roundtable

Facilitated roundtable with leading CDO’s from around the membership on the results and implications of the 2015 benchmarking study. The discussion will focus on data management priorities, integration challenges, how firms are approaching the next stage of implementation and (of course) the implications for adherence to the principles of risk data aggregation (BCBS 239)

EDM Council Initiatives (FIBO, Best Practice, Industry Collaboration and Regulation)

Update on the status of EDM Council core initiatives (FIBO common language, ontology of the contract, OMG standards implementation, DCAM training, best practices working groups, IOSCO derivatives consultation paper and BCBS 239 adherence.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our sponsors and partners for the Member Briefings