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FIBO Consultants

The individuals listed below have been actively involved in the FIBO development process and are experienced in both FIBO content and tooling.  Please feel free to contact them for support with FIBO implementation.

Elie Abi-Lahoud
Elie is available to assist in applying and extending FIBO to support various risk and regulatory compliance use cases including data virtualization, data aggregation, compliance monitoring and regulatory reporting. Elie has a combined academic and industry experience in semantic technology. He is currently co-leading the FIBO-Debt review.  Elie can demonstrate how firms generate value from using ontologies and semantic rules to drive the automation of governance programs and related controls.

Dean Allemang and Working Ontologist, LLC
+1 617 480 3645
Dean provides consulting and deployment services for semantic web data integrations and analysis solutions (based on W3C Recommendations RDF/S, SKOS, OWL and SPARQL). Founder Dean Allemang, author of Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, has worked with the EDM Council as a staff ontologist in the development of FIBO. The Working Ontologist team has a proven track record of deploying production-level data integration systems in many of the world's largest financial institutions.

Mike Bennett and Hypercube Ltd.    
mbennett@hypercube.co.uk  +44 20 7917 9522
Mike is the originator of the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). Mike specializes in business focused ontologies for model driven development, integration, machine learning, data visualization and reporting. Mike is available to help with using and extending FIBO and for implementation of a methodology for using FIBO and other ontologies across the development lifecycle. Mike also offers training in FIBO extension and ontology deployment.

Cory Casanave & Model Driven Solutions
cory-c@modeldriven.com  +1 703 362 0300
Cory offers expertise in information federation, data mapping and automated application provisioning using FIBO models.

Core competence is making stakeholder relevant ontological, enterprise, conceptual and systems models actionable – able to address key business opportunities and challenges quickly, efficiently and with reduced risk utilizing model driven development and semantic technologies. 

One customers said:  “…The model has allowed for a greater agility in meeting critical regulatory reporting needs from data across diverse systems of record, product changes and enhanced analytic capabilities to improve business operations”.

Randy Coleman            
Rcoleman@wizdom.com  +1 703 232 5050
Randy is an experienced Enterprise and Systems Architect specializing in transformation from legacy to modernized business capabilities.  His skills bring FIBO into your business data enterprise and integrate FIBO with your; strategic future business architecture, reengineered financial and business processes, rapidly changing regulatory reporting systems, expanding BI capabilities, and master data renovation requirements.

With over 15 years of experience with architecting critical financial/business enterprise capabilities in the Federal/Defense spaces, Randy brings a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to integrating and extending FIBO into the data enterprise, ensuring that results have clear meaning and relevancy to client’s data engineers.

John Gemski  
jfgemski@gmail.com  +1 516 353 0004
John has been active in the development of FIBO as a subject matter expert since its inception.   As a result, he is well versed in the concept of a semantic repository for the financial industry.  John focuses on the business needs for the FIBO content and how to convey the FIBO content to other business users.

Maxwell Gilmore
Maxwell is an expert Data Architect, Business Solution Consultant with proven expertise and a deep knowledge of International Corporate Treasury and Wholesale Banking and is particularly experienced in developing comprehensive data models for integration and warehousing applications in the Finance and Wholesale Banking Industry.  Since 2008, Maxwell has participated in the development of FIBO  through SME reviews and the FCT’s.  Maxwell has  36 years of financial markets experience and 21 years modelling financial market products.

Elisa Kendall and Thematix Partners LLC      
ekendall@thematix.com  +1 408 930 5601
Elisa and Thematix generally provide business and information architecture, knowledge representation strategy, and ontology related services. Focus is in applying best practices in business architecture, terminology and natural language processing, ontology engineering, learning, and traditional software engineering to complex information management challenges. Thematix is heavily involved in standards work, and has been a key contributor to FIBO for several years. We provide ontology engineering training and support, including FIBO training and extension services as well as applications development support. We also assist in developing strategies and business architectures that align business needs to FIBO and IT resources to deliver governance, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

David McComb and Semantic Arts
mccomb@semanticarts.com +1 970 988 9059
Semantic Arts assists financial services clients to adopt FIBO and semantic technology and can offer:

Entrée projects – these are short duration projects, typically 2-6 weeks either to help demonstrate the feasibility of some aspect of the stack or to provide planning, requirements or training

Transformation projects – these are 1-2 year projects, involving a team of 3 from Semantic Arts (an ontologist, a semantic developer and a semantic analyst) joined with a similar sized client team.  The project will involve building an enterprise ontology, tied to FIBO, and then piloting one part of the business into production. 

Bobbin Teegarden       
teegs@earthlink.net   +1 206 979 0196
Bobbin, a semantic systems integration architect, is available for enabling FIBO implementation at all levels:  FIBO introduction/implementation training; system extension, FIBO Integration Architecture mentoring, coaching, facilitating, and implementation; and custom FIBO modifications and extensions that map to existing financial systems.  Example approaches include:  expanding financial systems for federation in an IoT world; creating Regulatory Subsets of data to enable fast audits; using FIBO to map (securely) available subsets of cross-institutional knowledge; reengineering financial processes for group-oriented flexibility to proactively react to business change. Associated with a web of brilliant system engineers creating business agility using FIBO implementation patterns.

Jurgen Ziemer and Jayzed Data Models, Inc.
jziemer@jayzed.com  +1 802-368-2348
Jurgen provides FIBO education and design for regulatory compliance programs. As an IBM, Accenture and independent consultant for 12 years, he advised banks in North America, Europe and Asia on Banking Data Warehouse implementations for Basel II & CCAR (please visit my LinkedIn for details and recommendations). Jurgen created the FIBO based Deutsche Bank Market Data Ontology, the open source Financial Regulation Ontologies and presented at the FIBO Data Management Conference.