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Data Quality Archive

This page contains documents and presentations relating to Data Qaulity practices. Documents are presented here in order, most recent first.


Data Quality Dimensions
Seven common concepts for communicating data quality between business groups, with data vendors and with regulators.
27 October 2017 - 44.87KB


DTCC Financial Industry Data Quality Survey
The DTCC 2013 Data Quality survey, conducted by Element22, identified emerging data quality industry practices and how those practices can be used to create benchmarks against which future progress could be measured.
03 July 2014 - 739.26KB
Data Governance in the Real World
Presentation given by Mike Atkin at Data Governance Information Quality (DGIQ) Conference. Includes full notes
25 June 2014 - 2.07MB


Presentation by MITRE Corporation on Data Quality Metrics
Description of research project for flexible and generic data quality metrics assessments.
26 September 2012 - 731.24KB
Data Quality Working Meeting
Presentation to guide the discussion on the new Data Quality activities
29 March 2012 - 160.44KB
Core Data Attributes Model
Working document used to identify and define core attributes as well as the business processes and functions that require them
08 June 2012 - 42.00KB


Data Quality Variance Metrics
Presentation highlighting the findings of the data quality assessment
06 January 2009 - 188.79KB


Performance Metrics Pilot
Overview of the EDM Council pilot proposal for measuring the impact of faulty data on business applications
28 May 2008 - 329.00KB
Metrics Report on Performance Implications
Report on the status of our metrics initiative designed to meausre the business implications of faulty data on various calculations and derived fields
02 May 2008 - 193.38KB
Data Attribute Severity
Summary of impact on data attributes to business and operating functions
09 May 2008 - 24.48KB
Data Elements Template (xls)
This is a revision of the working template designed to create a consolidated list of critical data elements for both security and business entity master files as well as capture the importance of each data element on essential business operations.
05 February 2008 - 166.00KB
List of Core Data Attributes
These slides contain a list of the 143 critical data attributes as defined by the membership for primary business application processes
09 May 2008 - 23.47KB
Metrics Meeting Report
Report from the Metric Working Meeting (Jan 23) outlining adjustments to the data elements template and setting out the project timeline for this phase of the initiative
05 February 2008 - 39.57KB


Data Metrics Project
Metrics Template
24 August 2007 - 54.19KB
Data Quality Metrics Objectives
Components of data quality for metrics initiative
11 May 2007 - 23.59KB
The Enterprise Data Management Scorecard
Contributed article by the EDM Council for the Exchange Handbookon where the financial industry currently stands on the EDM continuum and where we are headed in our quest for data management nirvana.
16 May 2007 - 40.40KB
Results of Data Quality Pilot
This slide deck contains the results of the data quality metrics pilot
19 April 2007 - 662.90KB
EDM Scorecard
This document is designed to provide a common framework for evaluating the issues associated with EDM. The goal is to focus on the practical implications of these areas (ideally as consensus) and to define the "so what" in terms of what we can/should/are doing to fix these problems.
16 May 2007 - 97.93KB


Agenda Development Survey
EDMC Survey of members on issues and priorities
08 March 2006 - 68.29KB
Business Case Working Group:February 2006
Status of Research. A Presentation by David Gertler (IBM)
16 February 2006 - 240.75KB