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What Makes a Model Semantic?

We are making good progress on the next draft of the Semantics Repository

Meanwhile we have been mapping to and from various data model formats. …read more

Entity ID - A Task for ISO

As the systemic oversight component of regulatory reform moves forward, the one area in which everyone seems to be in agreement, is on the need for a standard entity identifier to help regulators and market authorities unravel links and relationships associated with issuance, guarantee and transactions processing. …read more

Semantic Models and Data Models

We are currently working our way though a number of "Proof of Concept" exercises with the Semantics Repository. Along the way we are learning a lot about the similarities and differences between a semantic model and a logical data model. …read more

The Semantics Repository - What's it For, Anyway?

With the Semantics Repository rapidly reaching beta status, more and more people are asking the obvious question: what can we do with it? How does it help us solve real data problems? …read more

Legislative and Regulatory Roundup

As Victor Hugo pointed out, "there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come". And from a regulatory and legislative perspective, particularly as it relates to data management, that time is clearly now. …read more

Is Information Management Just Hype?

The ability to manage data effectively is a desire, need, request or demand each of us is dealing with today.

In the end, is this just the new hype, or a true business need we have the obligation to address? A light hearted look: …read more

Is Data Quality Just a Fairy Tale? - a light hearted look

We hear stories of Information Management strategies and issues in other departments, divisions, organizations, and industries.

But are those just fairy tales? Is there truth in these tales, is there a connection to us, or is it all make-believe? …read more